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Direct Deposit

Payroll Deduction and Distribution

Time is money. And at SunState FCU, we know that your time is valuable. That's why we offer the convenience of direct deposit, payroll deduction, and payroll distribution.

Direct deposit electronically transfers your regularly-recurring payroll or retirement checks to your share or share draft account. There's no time spent filling out deposit slips, driving to the credit union or standing in teller lines. Direct Deposit is safe, secure and convenient.

Payroll deduction allows you to defer part of your recurring check to your share or share draft account (check with your employer to see if payroll deduction is one of your options).

With direct deposit and payroll deduction, your check will never be lost or stolen. And in most instances, the funds will be available sooner than if you made the deposit in person. Direct deposit is also available for recurring government, pension, retirement, and social security checks - not just payroll checks.

Payroll distribution is SunState FCU's automated transfer program. When you sign up for payroll distribution, your recurring funds can be distributed to the account(s) of your choice. When used in conjunction with direct deposit, funds are automatically transferred for deposits, loan payments, deposits to your children's Future Endeavors Account, etc.

Start saving valuable time today. Call your member service representative for more information about signing up. You'll receive the proper routing numbers and instructions to sign up and start saving time today!