Digital Services

Access your account anytime! SunState offers a variety of FREE tools that allow you to manage your money on your own terms wherever you are, 24/7.


There is no charge for using our BillPay service!

Our online BillPay tool gives you complete control over every aspect of your bill paying process. No need to spend time or money writing checks, stuffing envelopes or searching for stamps. With the click of your mouse, you can pay your bills quickly, conveniently, and securely through eBanking.

Ready to get started?

You must first be enrolled in SunState eBanking. After you’ve enrolled, you may sign up for online BillPay by logging into eBanking and clicking the BillPay link.

 BillPay Tutorials


Get out of line, get online!

SunState Federal Credit Union offers you convenient access to your credit union accounts from any device. With SunState eBanking, you can perform many types of transactions and inquiries, including transfers between your accounts. You may sort and search transactions, view check images*, make loan/VISA payments, view eStatements, and much more.   *check images available to members signed up for eBanking.



Your Phone, Our App, Bank Anywhere!

Our mobile app is simple to access, yet robust in features...all the bells and whistles you expect, plus a few extras sure to surprise and please. We are proud to offer you such an outstanding product in a secure and easy-to-use format. Regardless of whether you grew up in the digital age or are adapting to life within it, the SunState mobile app is right for you.
Using your Android or Apple enabled devices, you can access SunState Federal Credit Union anytime from almost anywhere. To download, search for SunState in the App Store or Market Place.

Download on google play

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To sign up, simply register for online banking. 


SunState Mobile Deposit

Our Mobile Deposit feature allows you to securely deposit checks directly into your eligible* SunState account without visiting a branch or ATM! Deposit your checks anytime from just about anywhere!

*Mobile Deposit is currently available for consumer accounts in good standing with the credit union. Mobile Deposit is not available to business accounts and other non-individual account types. Refer to mobile deposit terms and conditions for more information. Please contact member services at (352) 381-5200 if you have questions about your account.


Use your phone, smartwatch, iPad, tablet, or Fitbit/Garmin wearable to pay for goods/services at retailers who accept contactless transactions 

To get started, go to the app you would like to use on your phone.

The basic steps are:

  • Scan your card into the app or enter it manually
  • Agree to the terms and conditions
  • Card verification - depending on the information we have on file; could be a text or email.  If you do not have a mobile phone number or email on file, you will not be able to complete the set up unless you call our card activation/dispute number (866) 209-7190 - option 5.
  • Once the card verification is complete, you should see card is activated.


Wallets that SunState FCU supports: 

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