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September 2017 

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New VISA Chip Cards

As your SunState Visa Debit and/or Credit Cards expire you will be issued one of the new smart chip cards. Visa chip cards are not only more secure, they are also simple to use. Chip cards and terminals work together to protect in-store payments.


What is a smart chip or chip card?
Your chip card comes with an encrypted microchip embedded in the card. The microchip provides an enhanced layer of security to your transactions.

How is the chip card more secure?
The embedded microchip provides unique data specific to your card and the transaction being processed. These security features make your new chip card difficult to counterfeit.

Why is my card being upgraded to a chip card?
Chip technology is already used in other countries and is now coming to the U.S. Your new chip card provides an extra level of security and is easier to use at places already using chip technology.

Can I use my card for everyday transactions or at non-chip terminals? 
Yes! Your chip card will also have the usual magnetic stripe on the back so you can continue using your card at ATMs and Point of Sale Terminals while merchants in the U.S. are transitioning to new terminals.