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""Loans for all of your lending needs

At SunState Federal Credit Union, we are especially proud of our ability to offer members an outstanding value on every consumer loan product we offer. These loans are offered and closed quickly and efficiently, and are backed by our excellent reputation as a fair and honest lender. Whether you are looking for a credit card, an auto or boat, or maybe some home improvement money, please give us the opportunity to provide you with one of our outstanding loan products. At SunState, we consider consumer loans one the most important products we can offer, and we consider every application an opportunity to show you just how important you are to us. Please apply for your loan now using our online application, or contact one of our Member Service Representatives for a conversation about how we can help you with a loan that's right for you.

Below, a few of our loan types are represented. If you don't see exactly what you are looking for, just ask and we will be glad to point you in the right direction and help you through our simple loan process step-by-step.

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Consumer Loans

SunState FCU's Performance Plus loan program is designed with you in mind. Choose from a variety of consumer loans to fit your needs and wants: auto, boat, RV, vacation, debt consolidation, emergencies, and more. Performance Plus consumer loans have a fixed annual percentage rate (APR) based on your credit worthiness and collateral qualifications at the time the loan is made. Of course, there is no penalty if you pay back the loan early. You will find our Performance Plus loan rates to be among the best available.

In addition to Performance Plus loans for titled property such as autos, boats, and RVs, SunState FCU offers unsecured personal Performance Plus loans for any purpose. Regardless of the type of Performance Plus loan you choose, you'll find we are ready to help you through the fast and easy application process. SunState is pleased to offer Online Loan Applications to eBanking users. And don't forget, it takes just a few minutes to log-in to eBanking and apply online for your next personal loan.

SunState FCU also offers share and certificate-secured loans at very low rates, and some extremely competitive real estate loans.


  • First mortgage - short and long term
  • Second mortgage
  • Land loans
  • Fixed Rate Home Equity Line of Credit
  • Adjustable Rate Home Equity Line of Credit
  • Purchase Home Equity Line of Credit 

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Credit Cards

  • VISA® Platinum
  • VISA® Platinum SC - with ScoreCard Rewards
  • Pledged VISA® 

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Vehicle Loans

  • New Vehicle
  • Used Vehicle
  • New boats and recreational vehicles
  • Used boats and recreational vehicles 

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Personal Loans

  • Line of Credit

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Automatic Loan Payment

When you take out a loan at SunState FCU, we give you the option of having payments automatically deducted from your share or share draft account. Most SunState FCU loans can be set up on a weekly, bi-weekly, semi-monthly or monthly schedule. Choose whichever payment plan best fits your budget. Automatic loan payments are quick and easy to set up when the loan is opened. If your financial situation ever changes, just call a Member Service Representative and they will be happy to assist you with setting up a new automatic payment cycle.

Making loan payments bi-weekly or semi-monthly, instead of monthly, can also save you money over the term of the loan, because the more frequent the payment, the less cumulative interest is paid over the life of the loan. Ask your Member Service Representative for more details about automatic loan payments.