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Debit/ATM Card Contact Info

  • Activate a Debit & ATM ​Card: (866) 642-0450 or outside the US call 859-488-4128
  • Report a lost or stolen Debit & ATM Cards​: 800-528-2273 or outside the US call 812-647-9794
  • Audio PIN Change: 877-265-9594​ or outside the US call 859-488-4130
  • Respond to Fraud calls or text alerts: 800-889-5280

Credit Card Contact Info

  • Report a lost or stolen VISA Credit Card: (800) 442-4757 or outside the US call collect (410) 581-9994
  • Activate a VISA Credit Card: (866) 883-8472 or outside the US call collect (972) 391-6840
  • General VISA Credit Card Account Information or payment by phone: (800) 442-4757
  • Make an online payment:

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